About Us

from the perspective of Owner Rachael Kvapil:

My mother predicted accurately that I would become a journalist while I was still fairly young.

I knew from a young age that I would somehow be involved in media. Something about watching and listening, or reading stories fascinated me. People fascinated me.

My mother said she knew I would be a journalist by the time I turned six. She tells this story of me sitting in our neighborhood laundromat listening to this guy’s phone conversation while she folded clothes. After he got off, I began asking him all sorts of questions: “What’s your name?” | “Who were you talking to?” | “How old are you?” Apparently, one of his answer wasn’t totally truthful and I called him on it by repeating part of his phone conversation.

I joined the high school newspaper at 13 and continued studying journalism through college. Eventually, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism with a double minor in marketing and communication. I worked as a television journalist for several Alaskan stations followed by local publications and statewide radio shows. Eventually, I moved onto producing ads for an agency until I started my own company.

My second television news team where I was a videographer and later on-air talent.

Pagesculptor Studios is named for my internship at Ice Alaska where I built webpages for an international ice carving competition. I didn’t carve ice, but I carved pages…so I called myself a “pagesculptor”. This became my company’s name around 2003 with the addition of “studios” two years ago. Originally, we were a copywriting company. Then we added video/audio production along with print production. With the rise of social media, I decided to venture into that aspect since I enjoyed spending long hours on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

My son, Strategic Manager Ivan Kvapil has contributed to the success of Pagesculptor Studios.

Most recently, we’ve delved into the process of building marketing campaigns. This has been a particular challenge because people seem to have developed an allergy to the planning process, which is understandable because it requires blocking of significant amount of focused time to handle detailed work. I can’t emphasize the importance of marketing and campaign planning. That alone will increase the success of everything else.

My son has been with the company since he was nine. At first, he did small jobs like hold the microphone, or tell the talent when they moved out of the shot. Over the years he grew to be a trusted adviser, and a great writer and photographer. He keeps me grounded and in touch with reality. I gave Ivan the title of “Strategic Manager” because he has done a wonderful job making sure Pagesculptor Studios’ approach to marketing stays fresh.

I only work with clients who have a product, service, or message I can stand behind. Ethical marketing is extremely important to me. I might be 1 out of 4 billion people on this planet, but I am on this planet with 4 billion other people. The way we interact in person and on social media says a lot our own humanity.