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Pagesculptor 2018 Logo
In 2018, as part of a rebranding campaign, Pagesculptor Studios released a new logo.
The original company logo for RKMA, later renamed Pagesculptor Studios.
The original company logo for RKMA, later renamed Pagesculptor Studios.

Pagesculptor Studios owner Rachael Kvapil founded the company in her basement in 2004.  At that time, the company was names RKMA (Rachael Kvapil Multimedia Studio) and focused efforts on creating print, audio, video, and writing copy for the growing e-zine industry. In 2009, she changed the name to Pagesculptor, the nickname acquired when she was building web pages for an international ice carving competition. In 2018, she added ‘Studios’ to the name to encompass the company’s development of social media and marketing services.

We are a small business focused on helping other small to mid-sized businesses achieve economic success.  Besides producing marketing campaigns and multimedia products, we collaborate with organizations that also focus on economic development such as Fairbanks Economic Development Corp. and Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce. Likewise, we provide mentorship for economic development related activities such as Fairbanks Startup Weekend.

In the coming years, Pagesculptors Studios hopes to increase in size and specialty services. We truly believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to achieving. Let’s work together to achieve that.

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