The world has a love-hate relationship with marketing. We don’t blame them. No one likes intrusive ads disrupting them while they browse a website or watch a video. It’s irritating when unfamiliar companies call their private cell numbers for surveys. And what about the creepy way social media seems to present ads at the same moment we’ve decide we need something? Yeah, marketing has the reputation for using data to target their campaigns so efficiently that it’s unsettling.

Strategic Planning is the key to a clear marketing campaign

Yet, people really do want to know what events are happening around them. They want reviews about products they plan to buy and locations to buy them. They want how-to material that shows them how to solve problems. And sometimes people don’t even know what they want until they see it.

This is why you can’t stop marketing. Love it or hate it, businesses need to keep connecting with customers. How businesses go about that depends on their goals. Not all companies have the same goals. Some businesses need to sell items. Some are all about increasing newsletter sign-ups. Others just want honest feedback about a beta program. That’s where we come in. We help you identify your goals, build a long-term strategic plan, and break that down into a short-term tactical plan with lists of activities that help you reach your goals.

How do we do this? We sit down with you. Learn about your company. Talk about what you want to achieve. Developing a strategic plan isn’t an overnight process. But once you have that plan, it will make the day-to-day marketing fall into place.

Strategic Planning Services

Cost depends on the size of a company. A small business may spend anywhere from $1000 to $3000 for a strategic plan whereas a large complex company could spend up to $20,000 for one that covers every department. Contact us for an estimate.