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You Could Do Everything Right and STILL Have Campaign Issues

It’s an ugly truth no marketer wants to admit…

On paper we have developed the perfect campaign, aimed at the perfect target market, using media and messages they can relate to.  We could execute it with high response rates and significant shares, yet for whatever reason, our objectives are never met.

This reality hit a Pagesculptor Studios’ client whose focus is suicide prevention.  For two years, they had done everything right: developed a strong message backed by high-quality media production, built the community relationships, facilitated programs aimed at their target market and influencers of that market.  They had two assessments that showed improvement.  And yet, the community lost a prominent member to suicide earlier in the month along with several others earlier in the year.

Any marketer worth their salt will tell you there are times when you can do everything right and things will still happen that are out of your control.

Does this mean marketing campaigns are worthless? No.

Implementing a marketing campaign can help a business beyond the campaign objectives:

Get Organized

Over the years you’ve accumulated a lot of photos, video and audio clips, and snippets of wisdom to share. Most likely it’s scattered between phones, laptops, journals, and sticky notes. Developing a media campaign forces you to consolidate, curate, and categorize your assets. Time consuming, but also totally worth it.

Product Research

If you sell highly tangible products, this is way easier than if you deal less tangible service-based products.  When you sell items like bikes, shoes, clothing, etc. information about product features/benefits are readily available and regularly updated. Those who sell service-based products can turn their research towards materials used as part of that service along with new methodologies.

New Opportunities

Whether this is developing a new target market, investing in training, or creating a new product/service, innovation is great to talk about on your social media channels.  In the case of my client, they developed further collaborations with another organization heading up a fall-time suicide awareness campaign.

Everyone wants the best results possible from their media campaigns. Yet, all the preparation in the world can’t stop the unexpected, just ask these 7 major companies.  When it doesn’t go as plan, the best thing to do is assess the situation and go forward. Not sure how? Contact Pagesculptor Studios for help with your next media campaign.