A Successful Startup Requires All Professions

Picture Outlining Start Up Concept

*Note: Pagesculptor Studios is proud to once again sponsor Fairbanks Startup Weekend, a 54-hour focus session where participants generate new ideas, develop them into a viable business model, and present in front of a panel of judges. Coming from a tech background and an even more technologically-based marriage, owner Rachael Kvapil likes to remind people … Read moreA Successful Startup Requires All Professions

What Feeds Your Soul?

TEDx Fairbanks
Lecture series like TED Talks fuels my soul. What keeps you refreshed spiritually and creatively?

I’m addicted to TED Talks.  I revealed this a few years back during KUAC‘s annual fund drive pitching–you guessed it– the TED Radio Hour.  The addiction is so real I once threatened to stop cooking Thanksgiving Dinner if they changed my streaming playlist to football.  No joke.

Thankfully, I am not alone.  The Hub, a downtown venue that opened recently, holds a weekly TED Talk discussion group. We watch a couple episodes and then

ruminate on ideas and inspirations that came to mind during the feature lecture.  Sometimes the conversations are very focused on the talk themselves, sometimes discussions branch off into brainstorming sessions or debates.  No week is ever the same.

Read moreWhat Feeds Your Soul?