Facebook Live Isn’t Supposed to Be Pretty

A month into my personal COVID-19 lockdown, I received a call from a former collaborator seeking consultations for her Facebook Live broadcasts. She focused on three specific areas– background, lighting, and equipment. She had already done a Facebook Live broadcast that I checked into briefly and told her that I saw no real issues other … Read moreFacebook Live Isn’t Supposed to Be Pretty

Has Social Media Changed the Way We Mourn?

#RIP I don’t do funerals. I’m an extremely private person. When someone passes, I become quiet, distant, and somewhat dogmatic. We can’t control death. Nothing more can be said to them now. The best I can do is pray for their loved ones left behind. Until recently, death never affected my use of social media. … Read moreHas Social Media Changed the Way We Mourn?

Not Everything in Marketing is About You

The struggle to connect with our audience might be a problem with the methods WE’RE using. In our latest blog post, we highlight 3 examples that show how effective we can be when we tailor our methods to our audience’s preference and not our own.

Using Facebook Events as a Planning Template

Create Facebook Events Section

It’s difficult to promote an event without the details since this guides the media assets selected and the verbiage used in social posts and on promotional materials. Asking for all of that at once often overwhelms those who haven’t fleshed out the details. And so, I’ve learned to use the Facebook Events form as a way to encourage timely decision-making.

Word of Mouth Still Beats All Other Marketing

Picture of Fairbanks Masters Swimming Practice

I thought I heard Coach Kristina wrong. Did she really say 21 masters swimmers had showed up to Saturday swim practice? Attendance had been down during vacation. We thought everyone was suffering from guilt. Then it happened again on Thanksgiving morning. 26 masters swimmers showed up for a holiday swim. I asked her exactly who … Read moreWord of Mouth Still Beats All Other Marketing

LinkedIn Company Pages Available via App–FINALLY!

Picture of LinkedIn Company Page and Phone App Together

The master of professional social networking were on the right track for so long. LinkedIn differentiated itself from Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Twitter, etc. by focusing on professional development, sharing expertise, headhunting, and hiring through a carefully crafted resume-style profile page that allowed media-rich portfolios. Around 2010, LinkedIn release Company Pages for entrepreneurs to highlight … Read moreLinkedIn Company Pages Available via App–FINALLY!

Do These Insights Reflect Reality?

Discuss the merit of a campaign with a marketer and it won’t be too long before the jargon hits the conversation stream.  Terms like ‘quantitative‘ and ‘qualitative data‘ are thrown around like scientists analyzing a white board with a couple ‘demographics‘ and ‘A/B testing‘ mentions to clarify that this is business.

Facebook-pages-New-InsightsI am no different though analyzing metrics never really came into play until I was married.  My husband would annually present his Excel spreadsheet on the screen, all the cells filled with every spending category in the family budget alongside a corresponding dollar amount. He even had the formulas in place so that if you changed one number, they all changed accordingly.  My husband loves numbers.

Read moreDo These Insights Reflect Reality?