So Stereotypical Podcast

So Stereotypical Podcast

So Stereotypical is a marketing podcast that helps listeners create targeted media campaigns and effective public relations. Rachael Kvapil, owner of Pagesculptor Studios, is fascinated by all the moving components that go into media campaigns; and the myth that they are easy to create.  They aren’t always and include people that are overlooked in the process.  So instead of getting discouraged, she likes to help businesses understand what they can expect, and know what to do when something unexpected happens (both good and bad).

The show is recorded in Fairbanks, Alaska home of the Midnight Sun, the Noontime Moon, and a 140 temperature difference between the coldest winter day and the hottest day in summer.

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About the Production Team

Pagesculptor Studios Strategic Manager Ivan Kvapil has a saying, “It isn’t a stereotype if it’s true.” He also believed that stereotypes were shortcuts to building a specific demographic profile because all cultures upheld a certain number of traditions, expectations, and modes of communication regardless of time. So when Pagesculptor Studios Owner Rachael Kvapil decided to start a marketing podcast, she built on Ivan’s philosophy.

Rachael has over 15 years experience studying markets, brands, and images.  As a young kid, she used to lock herself in her bedroom with the latest fashion magazines and study advertisements to understand their communication strategy, the words and images used, and people they were trying to reach.  In adulthood, she continues to help small to medium businesses develop the strategies and infrastructures needed to communicate the right messages to the right markets.