LinkedIn Company Pages Available via App–FINALLY!

Picture of LinkedIn Company Page and Phone App Together

The master of professional social networking were on the right track for so long. LinkedIn differentiated itself from Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Twitter, etc. by focusing on professional development, sharing expertise, headhunting, and hiring through a carefully crafted resume-style profile page that allowed media-rich portfolios. Around 2010, LinkedIn release Company Pages for entrepreneurs to highlight company activities, services, and products in the same vein as Facebook Pages.  However, LinkedIn did not make it possible to update those pages via their mobile app until now.

While I’m excited to finally have this ability, I’m not enthused by the process of getting to my Company Page.  The app launches my profile page first.  Then I have to search for my company page. I then have to select it before it will open my admin portal. Yes, that is the same number of steps to get to my Facebook Page via the Facebook App or my Google Brand via the Google+ app; and only one more than step than the Facebook Pages App and the Google My Business App. The real killer is the fact that I have to actually have to type anything into the search bar, which means launching my keypad. It is so unnecessary. So far my past searches have stayed so I can just click on my logo. Otherwise, I would be grumbling way more.

And some of you are asking why I’m not using Hootsuite to do multiple updates at once? I’m asking why pay so much when I’m just going to tailor my message for every platform anyway? The apps are free. I like saving money for more important purchases.

That said, I am take this new upgrade to LinkedIn with a buttload of gratitude. I very rarely sit down on my computer to handle social media. All my pictures are on my phone anyway.  For instance, I had a day where I won a cool scarf at the weekly chamber luncheon and wanted to give props to my client for featuring an awesome quote in their hallway. *SNAP* and *UPLOAD* to Instagram, which threw it onto Facebook Pages seamlessly. Then Twitter. Then Google+ and Google My Business (another pairing that is getting on my last good nerve). LinkedIn Company Pages prior to November 14th? Oh, sorry.  Yeah that image went on my profile page with a mention of my company.  But the Company Page was neglected because I could only updated via a browser. The downside is that it made my company look like Pagesculptor Studios doesn’t conduct a lot of business, which is just not true. With the mobile upgrade, I can keep LinkedIn linked into our activities and enhance my professional networking community online.