Last Year As A Pre-Teen



Pagesculptor Studio’s 12th Birthday caught me off guard. I had worked all day in the studio when an alert popped up on my screen around 4pm: Congratulations! Pagesculptor Studios is 12-years-old. I stared at the screen blurry eyed. This year had been so amazing, and the company had grown in so many ways. It reminded me of when Ivan had turned 12 all those years back. One big spurt right before his teenage years. And then it all moved so quickly from there.

The history of Pagesculptor Studios is one of reinvention. We started out as RKMA (Rachael Kvapil Multimedia Artist), and we focused on producing print and audio content. A few years later we changed to Pagesculptor and focused on photography and producing video content. And while all those services are still available, Pagesculptor Studios recently narrowed its focus on marketing and public relations. All of our sucesses grew from a media background that started when I joined my Junior High newsletter committee and continued writing and editing for my high school newspaper. When I attended my 10-year reunion as a broadcast journalist, no one was surprised.

I’m not sure if I have any real words of wisdom after 12-years. Growing a company is all about due diligence. It’s about achieving old concepts in new ways. It’s about constantly learning. And while marketing is all about geographics, demographics, psychographics, and buying intentions; in the end we all share one world. The challenge is how to serve so many worldviews on one planet.

Thank you to all the people who have supported me through all the variations of this company. Thank you to clients past and present. And thank you to my husband and son who got a wife and a mom that was better at whipping up a functional CSS script than a birthday cake. Maybe next year when Pagesculptor Studios hits its teens…

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