Social Media is the Wrong Platform for Complicated Topics

Social media is the ground of a second American Civil War. For years it’s been brewing. We caught a glimpse during the 2016 political campaign when people used their personal accounts to declare the valor of their candidate and demonize their opposition with an intensity not experienced in the past. The conflict drove several users … Read moreSocial Media is the Wrong Platform for Complicated Topics

Facebook Live Isn’t Supposed to Be Pretty

A month into my personal COVID-19 lockdown, I received a call from a former collaborator seeking consultations for her Facebook Live broadcasts. She focused on three specific areas– background, lighting, and equipment. She had already done a Facebook Live broadcast that I checked into briefly and told her that I saw no real issues other … Read moreFacebook Live Isn’t Supposed to Be Pretty

You Could Do Everything Right and STILL Have Campaign Issues

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It’s an ugly truth no marketer wants to admit… On paper we have developed the perfect campaign, aimed at the perfect target market, using media and messages they can relate to.  We could execute it with high response rates and significant shares, yet for whatever reason, our objectives are never met. This reality hit a … Read moreYou Could Do Everything Right and STILL Have Campaign Issues

Don’t Let Ego Ruin Good Customer Service

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I entered our local grocery store at 5pm on Friday to purchase beer for a post-work celebration. The liquor department had a number of people selecting items, but the lone cashier only had three people in line. Already knowing what I wanted, I grabbed my 4-pack quickly and made my way to the counter. There … Read moreDon’t Let Ego Ruin Good Customer Service

So Stereotypical Episode 4

In this episode, host Rachael Kvapil, presents an audio recap of Startup Weekend Fairbanks 2017; in addition to an interview with the organizers of The Alaska Food Festival & Conference about food industry concerns within the state. Plus, some fun facts about that Halloween candy you’ll collect while trick-or-treating in just a few weeks.

Is Your Networking Shallow?

Whenever someone sends me an invite to a family function I’m quick to reply: I don’t do weddings and I don’t do funerals. This is not entirely true.  I have done plenty of both.  However, I am selective because the amount of socializing at family affairs often overwhelms me.  This struck me funny since I could easily walk into a room filled with total strangers and spend a few minutes with each one.

At a recent family function, my sister-in-law commented on this.  We had returned to small town of Libby, MT where my husband grew up, and I have always marveled at the extensive conversations they had with people they hadn’t seen in years.  My sister-in-law commented that a lot of time was spent keeping strong relationships with the neighbors. She had noticed that relationships were extremely important in places like Libby where the economy struggled to recover.  She contrasted this to Middle Class America were people focus less on building deep relationship and more on getting ahead.

Read moreIs Your Networking Shallow?