VIDEO: 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Blog Platform

Continuing on our June Theme of Website Blogs… Whenever I mention the importance of website blogs for long form content, people ask which platform is the best. I will be upfront, I am most familiar with WordPress, Wix, and Blogger. However, the website platform you ultimately choose is based on the goals for your blog. … Read moreVIDEO: 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Blog Platform

Latest Podcast from Owner Rachael Kvapil

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So Stereotypical–S2E2 In this episode of So Stereotypical, host Rachael Kvapil talks with Laughter and Leadership Specialist Michael Bork of Laughtership, LLC about the power of positive psychology, in addition to looking at the big winners in the 2018 Valentine’s gift giving spree.  The answer may surprise you.  

Latest Podcast from Owner Rachael Kvapil

So Stereotypical- S2E1 In this episode of So Stereotypical, Kelsey Enochs of Golden Heart Massage and Pretty Lippy joins host Rachael Kvapil to discuss  marketing two different types of businesses in addition to plans to get out of her “comfort zone” for 2018; plus, a few fun facts about New Year’s Resolutions and an insight into how the production team of … Read moreLatest Podcast from Owner Rachael Kvapil

We Are Rebranding

It started with a bike.

A beautiful Viper Red Trek Top Fuel 9 I planned on ordering except they didn’t have my size.

The decision to change Pagesculptor Studio’s branding strategy started when I had to customize my new bike to differentiate it from my Bro’s.

So I upgraded to a Top Fuel 9.8 SL. BONUS!

Except it is the EXACT same bike my Mountain Bike Bro purchased a month ago. No bueno.

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Don’t Let Them Leave Empty Handed

Since the dawn of commerce business owners have looked for new ways to get their product into customers’ hands. But what if your don’t have a tangible product or a product that, for whatever reason, can’t go home for an extended trial period? Pagesculptor Studios faced both these challenges this month, creating separate solutions that provide value to potential customers until they were ready to commit to the buying process.

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