Hearts, Bunnies, and Moms: Marketing Springtime Holidays

Marketing Spring Holidays Can Be a Challenge The post-holiday sales cycle can bring both a sigh of relief and a new source of worry for small businesses. On one hand, you don’t have to create quite as much holiday specific content as you did in the months leading up to Christmas, but you may also … Read moreHearts, Bunnies, and Moms: Marketing Springtime Holidays

Content Marketing Should Mirror the Growth of Your Company

Despite the growth of martech, many marketers are looking at scaling content creation appropriately. It’s more than just quality vs. quantity, it’s about using limited financial and employee resources. In our latest blog post, owner Rachael Kvapil looks at marketing campaigns from a small business perspective and suggests ways to build a successful, scaled-down marketing campaign.

Opening a New Retail Store During a Crisis Starts with a Strong Foundation

Note: In July 2020, our posts focus on the successful marketing of Frosty Feet Running Company’s store opening in the midst of a pandemic. The series outlines the strategies Pagesculptor Studios and Frosty Feet developed to communicate with potential customers during a mandated closure of all non-essential stores in Alaska. The Alaska Department of Health … Read moreOpening a New Retail Store During a Crisis Starts with a Strong Foundation

Three Basics For Better Blogging

Congratulations. You’ve decided to become a blogger. Don’t let anyone discount your words because you don’t have some fancy degree. So long as you’re ready to do the research, edit until you have a strong post, and supplement with relevant pictures and videos, then you will build a reputation as thought-leader in your chosen arena. … Read moreThree Basics For Better Blogging

Social Media is the Wrong Platform for Complicated Topics

Social media is the ground of a second American Civil War. For years it’s been brewing. We caught a glimpse during the 2016 political campaign when people used their personal accounts to declare the valor of their candidate and demonize their opposition with an intensity not experienced in the past. The conflict drove several users … Read moreSocial Media is the Wrong Platform for Complicated Topics

Not Everything in Marketing is About You

The struggle to connect with our audience might be a problem with the methods WE’RE using. In our latest blog post, we highlight 3 examples that show how effective we can be when we tailor our methods to our audience’s preference and not our own.

Strava Bulks Up Fitness Feature While Retaining Solid Social Media Platform

Strava boosts the Fitness portion of its app in an attempt to keep athletes training (and talking about their training) on their social media platform. Read more in the latest Pagesculptor Studios Blog post.

Using Facebook Events as a Planning Template

Create Facebook Events Section

It’s difficult to promote an event without the details since this guides the media assets selected and the verbiage used in social posts and on promotional materials. Asking for all of that at once often overwhelms those who haven’t fleshed out the details. And so, I’ve learned to use the Facebook Events form as a way to encourage timely decision-making.

Word of Mouth Still Beats All Other Marketing

Picture of Fairbanks Masters Swimming Practice

I thought I heard Coach Kristina wrong. Did she really say 21 masters swimmers had showed up to Saturday swim practice? Attendance had been down during vacation. We thought everyone was suffering from guilt. Then it happened again on Thanksgiving morning. 26 masters swimmers showed up for a holiday swim. I asked her exactly who … Read moreWord of Mouth Still Beats All Other Marketing

A Successful Startup Requires All Professions

Picture Outlining Start Up Concept

*Note: Pagesculptor Studios is proud to once again sponsor Fairbanks Startup Weekend, a 54-hour focus session where participants generate new ideas, develop them into a viable business model, and present in front of a panel of judges. Coming from a tech background and an even more technologically-based marriage, owner Rachael Kvapil likes to remind people … Read moreA Successful Startup Requires All Professions