Three Basics For Better Blogging

Congratulations. You’ve decided to become a blogger. Don’t let anyone discount your words because you don’t have some fancy degree. So long as you’re ready to do the research, edit until you have a strong post, and supplement with relevant pictures and videos, then you will build a reputation as thought-leader in your chosen arena. … Read moreThree Basics For Better Blogging

Social Media is the Wrong Platform for Complicated Topics

Social media is the ground of a second American Civil War. For years it’s been brewing. We caught a glimpse during the 2016 political campaign when people used their personal accounts to declare the valor of their candidate and demonize their opposition with an intensity not experienced in the past. The conflict drove several users … Read moreSocial Media is the Wrong Platform for Complicated Topics

Effective Influencers Have the Right Credentials

April is traditionally the start of road bike season for Fairbanks Cycle Club. As club president, I assist our social media specialist with updating the group ride pages on our website and developing promotional content for our Listserve and Facebook page. I started receiving 2020 ride schedules in mid-March at the start of the pandemic … Read moreEffective Influencers Have the Right Credentials