Hearts, Bunnies, and Moms: Marketing Springtime Holidays

Marketing Spring Holidays Can Be a Challenge The post-holiday sales cycle can bring both a sigh of relief and a new source of worry for small businesses. On one hand, you don’t have to create quite as much holiday specific content as you did in the months leading up to Christmas, but you may also … Read moreHearts, Bunnies, and Moms: Marketing Springtime Holidays

Will Instagram Reels Survive If Tiktok Isn’t Banned?

Instagram has a notorious reputation for stealing features from smaller, specialized apps and integrating them into its platform. In 2016, Instagram released “Stories,” a clear copycat of Snapchat Stories, albeit an inferior one. The most blatant thievery surfaced amid the Trump Administration’s threat to ban Tiktok from the United States if Bytedance, Ltd didn’t divest … Read moreWill Instagram Reels Survive If Tiktok Isn’t Banned?

Content Marketing Should Mirror the Growth of Your Company

Despite the growth of martech, many marketers are looking at scaling content creation appropriately. It’s more than just quality vs. quantity, it’s about using limited financial and employee resources. In our latest blog post, owner Rachael Kvapil looks at marketing campaigns from a small business perspective and suggests ways to build a successful, scaled-down marketing campaign.

Solid Objectives Led Frosty Feet’s Official Store Opening

Note: In Part 1 of our July series, we highlighted the effects of COVID-19 mandates on the pre-opening activities of Frosty Feet Running Company.  In Part 2, we’ll look at owner Stacy Fisk’s approach to officially opening her storefront and the precautions taken to reduce the health risks to her customers.   Frosty Feet Running … Read moreSolid Objectives Led Frosty Feet’s Official Store Opening

Three Basics For Better Blogging

Congratulations. You’ve decided to become a blogger. Don’t let anyone discount your words because you don’t have some fancy degree. So long as you’re ready to do the research, edit until you have a strong post, and supplement with relevant pictures and videos, then you will build a reputation as thought-leader in your chosen arena. … Read moreThree Basics For Better Blogging

VIDEO: 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Blog Platform

Continuing on our June Theme of Website Blogs… Whenever I mention the importance of website blogs for long form content, people ask which platform is the best. I will be upfront, I am most familiar with WordPress, Wix, and Blogger. However, the website platform you ultimately choose is based on the goals for your blog. … Read moreVIDEO: 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Blog Platform

Facebook Live Isn’t Supposed to Be Pretty

A month into my personal COVID-19 lockdown, I received a call from a former collaborator seeking consultations for her Facebook Live broadcasts. She focused on three specific areas– background, lighting, and equipment. She had already done a Facebook Live broadcast that I checked into briefly and told her that I saw no real issues other … Read moreFacebook Live Isn’t Supposed to Be Pretty

Using Facebook Events as a Planning Template

Create Facebook Events Section

It’s difficult to promote an event without the details since this guides the media assets selected and the verbiage used in social posts and on promotional materials. Asking for all of that at once often overwhelms those who haven’t fleshed out the details. And so, I’ve learned to use the Facebook Events form as a way to encourage timely decision-making.