Solid Objectives Led Frosty Feet’s Official Store Opening

Note: In Part 1 of our July series, we highlighted the effects of COVID-19 mandates on the pre-opening activities of Frosty Feet Running Company.  In Part 2, we’ll look at owner Stacy Fisk’s approach to officially opening her storefront and the precautions taken to reduce the health risks to her customers.   Frosty Feet Running … Read moreSolid Objectives Led Frosty Feet’s Official Store Opening

Not Everything in Marketing is About You

The struggle to connect with our audience might be a problem with the methods WE’RE using. In our latest blog post, we highlight 3 examples that show how effective we can be when we tailor our methods to our audience’s preference and not our own.

Using Facebook Events as a Planning Template

Create Facebook Events Section

It’s difficult to promote an event without the details since this guides the media assets selected and the verbiage used in social posts and on promotional materials. Asking for all of that at once often overwhelms those who haven’t fleshed out the details. And so, I’ve learned to use the Facebook Events form as a way to encourage timely decision-making.