Effective Influencers Have the Right Credentials

April is traditionally the start of road bike season for Fairbanks Cycle Club. As club president, I assist our social media specialist with updating the group ride pages on our website and developing promotional content for our Listserve and Facebook page. I started receiving 2020 ride schedules in mid-March at the start of the pandemic … Read moreEffective Influencers Have the Right Credentials

Facebook Live Isn’t Supposed to Be Pretty

A month into my personal COVID-19 lockdown, I received a call from a former collaborator seeking consultations for her Facebook Live broadcasts. She focused on three specific areas– background, lighting, and equipment. She had already done a Facebook Live broadcast that I checked into briefly and told her that I saw no real issues other … Read moreFacebook Live Isn’t Supposed to Be Pretty

Production Complete on Latest Aerial View Video!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Check out the latest collaboration between Pagesculptor Studios and the Aerial View. This piece, which is more fun and less promotional, is based off a piece the Aerial View troupe performed in 2019. Kendell Macomber (KMAC) came to us with an idea of making an extended version with the help of performers … Read moreProduction Complete on Latest Aerial View Video!

Has Social Media Changed the Way We Mourn?

#RIP I don’t do funerals. I’m an extremely private person. When someone passes, I become quiet, distant, and somewhat dogmatic. We can’t control death. Nothing more can be said to them now. The best I can do is pray for their loved ones left behind. Until recently, death never affected my use of social media. … Read moreHas Social Media Changed the Way We Mourn?

Not Everything in Marketing is About You

The struggle to connect with our audience might be a problem with the methods WE’RE using. In our latest blog post, we highlight 3 examples that show how effective we can be when we tailor our methods to our audience’s preference and not our own.

Strava Bulks Up Fitness Feature While Retaining Solid Social Media Platform

Strava boosts the Fitness portion of its app in an attempt to keep athletes training (and talking about their training) on their social media platform. Read more in the latest Pagesculptor Studios Blog post.

Using Facebook Events as a Planning Template

Create Facebook Events Section

It’s difficult to promote an event without the details since this guides the media assets selected and the verbiage used in social posts and on promotional materials. Asking for all of that at once often overwhelms those who haven’t fleshed out the details. And so, I’ve learned to use the Facebook Events form as a way to encourage timely decision-making.

3 Reasons to Build a Long-Term Relationship with a Video Production Team

Pre-Show Photo for 4th Annual Choreographer's Showcase

Video Production is Type II Fun. There is an intense focus on capturing raw footage in good lighting where people are wearing the same stuff in all the takes, and nothing odd has strayed into the shot. Sure there are lots of Type I moments where there is a lot of laughter and silliness, but … Read more3 Reasons to Build a Long-Term Relationship with a Video Production Team