We Are Rebranding

It started with a bike.

A beautiful Viper Red Trek Top Fuel 9 I planned on ordering except they didn’t have my size.

The decision to change Pagesculptor Studio’s branding strategy started when I had to customize my new bike to differentiate it from my Bro’s.

So I upgraded to a Top Fuel 9.8 SL. BONUS!

Except it is the EXACT same bike my Mountain Bike Bro purchased a month ago. No bueno.

As I broke the news to him via text, I promised to do everything I could to make mine look different– red water bottle cage, red pedals, maybe even red grips–because in the perfect world of cycling all my bikes would either be red and white or red and black.

And then it hit me.  My cycling persona has a brand.  A distinct one that I’m happy with.  That wasn’t necessarily the case with Pagesculptor Studio’s current brand.  In many ways we had outgrown it, or maybe even regressed a bit to its former bold, competitive roots that was less corporate and more rogue.

So I decided to develop a rebranding strategy with paint chips and a team of artists. I decided to blog and podcast this journey into 2018 when I plan to release our new image in time for the studio’s 14th birthday.

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