Don’t Let Them Leave Empty Handed

Since the dawn of commerce business owners have looked for new ways to get their product into customers’ hands. But what if your don’t have a tangible product or a product that, for whatever reason, can’t go home for an extended trial period? Pagesculptor Studios faced both these challenges this month, creating separate solutions that provide value to potential customers until they were ready to commit to the buying process.

The first instance involved Pagesculptor Studios upcoming Podcasting 101 class.  In the past, we offered marketing workshops that provided a lot of information, in-house marketing materials, and an offer for a free 2-hour consultation. The value of the consultation is about $100, and a few scheduled follow-up sessions.  However, most attendees felt that, although they learned a lot, there seemed to be “something missing.”That was when we switched gears and redesigned classes to produce a tangible product.  People who attend the upcoming podcast class will leave with a Pagesculptor Studios 4GB USB Drive with a copy of the 5 minute segment recorded that day along with information on how to distribute their podcast on the internet.

Even though podcasts exist in tangible files, the ephemeral experience of listening can make the product feel intangible in the end. A USB Drive provides tangibility and adds value since it can be reused by the consumer.

In the second instance, Goldstream Sports decided to have a major “Demo Day,” in which people could borrow a high-end fat bike for a 2 hour guided tour, glide along the adjacent trail on new skis, or test carbide studded shoes on the ice and snow.  If they buy, great!  But what about those who aren’t ready to commit?  We got the product in their hands, but they ultimately go home empty handed.

The answer was to provide them with a Winter Activity Guide that reminded them of Demo Day while learning about ways they could enjoy their new outdoor gear once they were ready to buy. This one-stop information saves the customer from having to research times and locations of each activity post-purchase.

Getting the product into the customer’s hands is essential.  Providing a sample that a potential buyer can use at their own discretion is ideal.  When it’s not feasible, or your product is intangible, start building indirect links to tangible items that enhances both the relationship and establishes your brand as preferred solution.

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